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About The Canary and Linnet

On the 2nd of July 1954, the licence of the Chequers public house on Beeston Road in High Green was transferred to the premises that became to be known as the Canary and Linnet. The Chequers has since returned to being a private dwelling. 
Morgan’s Brewery applied for the change of licence, and at first this was apposed by Fransham Parish Council. They eventually granted the licence providing certain conditions were met including the instillation of toilets!
The original house (rumour suggests that it was originally an undertakers) was to become the pub and the building next door (originally a blacksmiths) was to become a cafe/club room. 

The new pub was given the nicknames of two local football teams as it lies exactly half way between Norwich and Kings Lynn. It is named the ‘Canary’ after Norwich City F.C, and ‘Linnet’ after Kings Lynn Town F.C. 

Previous Landlords of the Canary and Linnet

Landlord When
John Jurdon
From 2 July 1954
Dorothy Jurdon
From 13 October 1955
Leonard Morris
From 19 November 1965
Betty Morris
From 13 March 1970
William Worby
From 10 March 1972
George Meehan
From 1979
Ray Laing (Sandy)
From 1985
The First Licensee John Jurdon outside the front door
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